Who Are We?

A team of special needs advocates in education, health and care.

Registered in South Africa as an NPO

Driven by professional and personal experiences in the area of Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD)  and ADHD

Over-riding drive to encourage and be part of a positive outlook to living with invisible and  additional living, care and  education needs

Understand the importance of a holistic look to ASD, ADHD, attention related conditions and other related conditions such as anxiety,depression, etc.

Understanding, Supporting & Empowering individuals with additional needs  by working with them, their families and  other  support systems



We believe that awareness, understanding and acceptance is key to supporting people with additional needs And empowering those who support these individuals is a vital starting point Also, early identification, proper diagnosis, detailed report and early intervention are crucial Empowering and equipping people working in health and education is key to achieving all the above and be part of a positive change Also, we believe and understand the importance of continuity of care. We also believe in preventative support to reduce incidents of people getting into crisis. ‘Before crisis is the right time to intervene’ Service users are central to their care. Our mission is to listen to and treat each and every individual as they are. We believe in individual driven support service, not a one size fits all approach.


Our vision is to see adequate, relevant and effective assessment, education, health and care environments for all people, who otherwise face barriers because of additional learning needs they may have. We have adopted a person centred and totally flexible approach to all our services. Thus provide individualised supportive strategies to enable and empower people to live fulfilling lives and be as independent as they can be. In addition, we are working towards having teachers and special educational needs coordinators who are well equipped to identify, refer, support people with additional needs in their own settings We work closely with education, health, social care departments, education settings, families, carers and include service users to understand key and important information about them whenever possible.

Our Leading Team

Yanela Ntlauzana

Hlumela Sixishe

Nickson Sibanda

Why Choose Us ?

The founding members of the organisation have both professional and personal experience and they have had to adapt their own lives in order to support their loved ones and it goes without saying that they fully understand and appreciate the need for quality support for people with additional needs.