Screening & Pre- Assessment Service

Plumfield Specialists developmental Screening and pre-Assessment Service offers a comprehensive assessment and report to tell whether children are learning basic skills when they should, or if they might have difference and /or delays. Children and young people are referred into our service when they are suspected of having difficulties in different areas of development. We’ll help to identify the difficulties children and young people referred to us face and work with them and their families and carers to ease those difficulties. This screening service is not a diagnosis service but helps to bridge the gap by collating information about the child and complete reports to assist achieve well informed assessment process, reduce waiting times and length of assessments. Also, the service will help accelerate those who may need immediate attention. In addition, it provides tools and strategies that could be used while waiting for formal assessments and/or diagnosis. The service collects information on developmental/ social history Individual speech and language, individual learning and progression levels. The information is presented in a report form and provide clear evidence of why the child is referred for a formal assessment. We will work together with professionals such as Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, paediatricians, other clinicians, parents, teachers and the child to implement prescribed interventions. In addition, we continue to offer a post assessment service, this is after formal consulting, assessment and/or diagnosis. Our post diagnosis support includes training and support to children and young people, parents, teachers and other professionals.

Plumfield Specialist Learning Centre

Plumfield Specialist Learning Centre is based in Chartwell, north of Johannesburg. It provides a learning environment which affords learners opportunities to discover how smart, capable, and intelligent they are: with unique abilities that contribute to the collective. The centre’s core curriculum is liberal arts utilized by top US private schools. Coding is part of the curriculum learning fundamental programming concepts with a Lego-like visual language, then progress to JavaScript and Python. In addition to mainstream education, Plumfield provides essential, effective and specialist education supporting learners with additional learning needs, Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD and related conditions. Like the Danish school system Plumfield attends to potential needs the child has before their learning success is hindered adapting curriculum and utilizing systems such as TEACCH & PECS systems. Additionally, the centre adopts the Charlotte Mason education philosophy of educating the whole person, not just the mind Also, it offers small classes of no more than fifteen learners per group, a spacious country side environment with a swimming pool and other onsite outdoor mural activities for learners.

Awareness and Training

Helping those working/living with people on the autism spectrum understand and support them better and adequately. Through training, guest speaking and advocacy services. We utilise the skills and experience of our founding members who include a qualified trainer and a specialist teacher with fount of experience supporting autistic people, those with ADHD, Dyslexia and related conditions (comorbidities). This professional experience is complimented by over 10 years of personal experiences. Put together these experiences provide in depth knowledge presented in interactive and relaxed atmosphere. Also, uses real life examples and co-deliver with individuals on the autism spectrum whenever possible. All the course content is engaging with quizzes and questions, leaving you with information to go away and apply what you have learned or urge to find out more and research. Training is delivered in various forms and courses can be made bespoke to your service and setting needs. For example, training for school staff, medical professionals, commissioning teams, social care professionals, public places, leisure places, employers, justice system employees, etc. Plumfield services ’s training team will speak and work with you to identify the needs of your staff and tailor training to equip them with increased understanding and tools to support service users more appropriately. We also deliver Positive Speaking about disability- This uses personal and professional experience and focus more on the positive aspects for people with disabilities, their families and others. The talks focus on positive, real examples and role models to challenge attitudes and what may be viewed as negative into a positive.


‘Each person is different’

‘Teach children the way their learn’

‘A one size fits all approach is not the way to go’